Time to change my packaging?

Posted on  01/11/2018
New Technologies Available
All industries continuously evolve, offering new and innovative ways to create packaging. Why not change with the times and do a redesign. You can even make it more environmentally friendly which is always desirable by consumers or even reduce your production cost.
Production Cost Growth
As time passes you can come to the realisation that once was viable as a packaging cost is not anymore and you might need to change to a more cost effective packaging option. A packaging expert will easily be able to asses your packaging and be able to make cost effective suggestions or changes. Many of the best packaging manufactured offer consultations like this to boost customer service and satisfaction.  After all good customer relations are vital.
Audience Expansion
Like most companies a primary goal is to grow and increase your customer base. New generations with new fads could be reached as a potential target audience by making simple yet effective adjustments to your packaging. You can either redesign the entire packaging or create a new variation of the older packaging used. Redesign will be necessary to approach a new target audience.

As times are changing and keep changing at a rapid pace it is easy to neglect your packaging as it has been doing the job for a while now. However “doing the job” does not encourage sales nor renders you as a worthy opponent by keeping your packaging with the times. Here are just some of the signs to look out for that may indicate you need to think about redesigning your packaging.

Slow Sales
Now we are not saying that drab packaging is the only reason why sales has slowed down however it could be a big reason why. Most shoppers are at least subconsciously influenced by what product they take off the shelf. If yours haven’t changed in years it could have lost the punch it once had. The simple act of revamping your design or the colours and font may be just what you need to turn heads again, bringing back sales to where they once were.

Product change
A change in your product is a good opportunity to redesign the packaging as the product may not fit in the original packaging anymore. Take advantage of this opportunity and let the customers know about the “new and improved” version with fresh new packaging and perhaps even new colours or design to modernise. 
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